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Conquering the Hydra of Regulatory Change

Presented by: Michael Rasmussen, GRC 20/20 Research and Jerry Shafran, RegEd

Regulatory Change WebinarIn this webinar, Jerry Shafran is joined by Michael Rasmussen to discuss ways that insurance organizations can evolve their execution of regulatory change management to a more effective and efficient process, one that is scalable and consistently meets the demands of business and regulatory environments.

The session explores ways that process and technology innovation can drive efficiency, while delivering tangible benefits to the business, and more open engagement between Compliance and the organization’s business owners.

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Best Practices for Complaint Management

Complaint Management WebinarPresented by: Rebecca Vasquez, Regulatory Publisher and Complaint Specialist, RegEd

This webinar, originally presented by the Gulf States Chapter of the Association of Compliance Professionals (AICP), discusses current trends related to complaint management in the insurance industry and suggests strategies to manage the reputational and compliance risks associated with complaints.

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Effective Policy Management in a Dynamic Regulatory Environment

Presented by: Michael Rasmussen, GRC 20/20 Research and Jerry Shafran, RegEd

Policy Management Webinar

To be effective, financial services organizations need an established and mature process to develop, communicate, monitor, and maintain policies.

This webinar, featuring Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 Research, educates attendees on the benefits of a structured approach to policy management that leverages technology to make the organization more efficient, effective, and agile in the midst of constantly changing regulations.

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Exam Trends and Managing Multiple Exams in a New Environment

Presented by: Bernd Breitenbach, Director of Market Conduct and Compliance, The Guardian Life Insurance Company

Market Conduct Webinar

There is a need for proactive and innovative compliance solutions to help companies manage multiple examinations. The application of Lean Six Sigma concepts helps companies manage the market conduct process more efficiently.

Learn more about these advanced tools to create sustainable solutions that can mitigate the high cost of market conduct examinations.

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